JCI WORLD VP JC Sen Rakhi Jain Visit

JCI Kathmandu organized a special program for JCI World VP JC Sen Rakhi Jain on 15th April, 2022. The Welcome and Farewell program were hosted at Pashupati Boutique Hotel by Kathmandu Jacycees.  Jc Rakhi Jain gave her remarks on strong bond between the JCI family globally and praised Kathmandu Jaycees' proud legacy and added that she wanted to see exponential growth in members the next time she visited.

The event also featured all three of our Miss Teens as special guests. Winner of Miss Teen Nepal 2022 Ms. Aditi Koirala also gave a strong remark regarinf the yearly women empoowerment program "Miss Teen Nepal" and how we can expand this globally with the co-ordination and help from JCI World. Both the first Runner Up of Miss Teen Nepal Sonia K.C. and the second Runner Up of Miss Teen Nepal Ashma Pandey were also present during the show. The program was lead by KJC President JC Anup sunuwar with Concerned EVP JC Harihar Khadka and Concerned VP JC Rajen Kaji Shrestha.

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